Dr. Alice Timmerman

Dr. Alice Timmerman is a 1994 graduate of Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She received a BA in biology at Coe College and did primate research at the University of Wisconsin – Madison before entering veterinary school. She was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa but has lived and practiced in Michigan, Seattle, and Kansas before moving with her husband back to Iowa in 2005. She built and opened the Vinton-Urbana Veterinary Hospital in the spring of 2010. She practices progressive medicine and surgery. Her vaccine philosophy is to assess the risks and needs of each individual pet and vaccinate accordingly. She is proactive in preventive medicine, surgery, and diagnostics. Other interests include non-traditional pets. In addition to her husband, Mike Myers, her household consists of “Lily” an Irish Wolfhound, “Gravy” their interloper feline, and two horses “Roger” and “Piper”.
Dr. Timmerman